I vote for organic. I like the idea of living organic at all levels.

Body – Eating organically grown food with delicious tastes and scents. Caring for my health with homeopathic and holistic treatments.

Mind – Allowing or disallowing what thoughts come in and stay. And what thoughts I should filter out because they bring only unreasonable worries. Mindfulness in living belongs in the same organic category.

People – I would even dare to categorize relationships in organic or none organic. The harmonic ones are organic. The toxic ones are obviously not.

Art & Design – I adore organic art and design. In one of my previous posts, i wrote about Richard Hudson, a British sculptor whose organic sculptures are shown internationally.The same applies – in my world – to art and design and to interior design. Allowing or disallowing shapes,

Interiors –  Allowing or disallowing shapes, material, and collors in our homes. It matters what we surround ourselves with. One of the meanings of the term “organic “is: “Denoting or characterized by a harmonious relationship between the elements of a whole.” A coherent and integrated home design is organic.

Organic does make me feel good, relaxed, healthy and cared for. That’s what we have a carefully designed and decorated home for. An organic home that makes a base for harmonious living in body, mind, and spirit (I couldn’t resist typing the last word, it just jumps naturally in here!)

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by Segan + Selandia