Checking Copenhagen out. My second home, cool and trendy, reliable and slightly predictable, yet potentially surprising beyond the surface. Danish design rocks. Not only thanks to the renowned designer names but also and especially to the “back to basics” style, a nomadic and raw style based on natural materials, clean lines and genius functionality.

Papirøen – assembly of hip street food spots, about half of them biological, juices, stews, pizzas, cool innovative sandwiches, cheesecakes, beer and in the middle of all this you also find street arts and music with really good beats.

Boats sailing by and if you come to the island over the bridge from Nyhavn at the time when the sailing boats with the high masts want to pass, the newly built bridge opens up and gives the boats the way. A little spectacle.

Sun, sun, sun is the key. If you have the rare luck of sunny weather, Copenhagen becomes a magical place.

Last night I had a dinner with my family at the famous “Famo” on Versterbro,  one of the many good Italian restaurants with Italian staff and real Italian feel. Then we treated ourselves to some of the best I ever had innovative drinks at a cool bar “1656” where the staff makes you feel part of the bar family.

Art Scene – of course, I also visited the traditional galleries in Copenhagen but since I love to discover the undiscovered, I saw an art studio in Copenhagen and the young artist Muggi who is wanted for his monochrome artworks! If you wish to see his work, let me know and I will arrange a private viewing for you!

Galerie OSCAR recommends

Oliver Gustav Studio – So pleased to work with this one of a kind design studio, located in the busy Nyhavn. Not only do they work with unique, never seen before interior pieces but they offer such a personalized and sympathetic service that you can only love them.

Illums Bolighus –  The Danish heaven for interior design lovers. Illums Bolighus which galerie OSCAR works with and have exhibited with is a renowned design house selling innovative design and interior solutions. Like a child that cannot pass a candy shop without peeking in, Illums Bolighus is the “must visit” place if you like a design of any art. Stay tuned for more from the always inspirational Illums Bolighus!

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