Women are in focus these days due to the global chain reaction of uncovering the injustice women have endured professionally and in private. Empowerment of women is still an ongoing process needing our attention. It made me reflect on women in art; in spite of the long list of female artists making their way through the centuries, the most celebrated artists are men. The most expensive artworks sold are produced by male artists. Most of the art style changing was influenced by male artists.

I am not going to argue here why that happened and what drove us to this imbalance (for you who wants to get the answer on this, there is a great study, written by Linda Nochlin, professor of art history at Vassar College), but it is a historical fact. And t is still happening. There are many talented female artists out there, yet their fame and prosperity are still lagging behind their more forceful and ambitious male colleagues in respect to recognition and art sale revenues.

I was looking for some great contemporary artists for an exhibition in LA planned for next year and it was fairly easy to find interesting accomplished male artists. Not as easy job when looking for an extraordinary “big” female artist.

I will list here some of my favourite contemporary female artists that have been influencing the art world:

Georgia O’Keeffe

Louise Bourgeois

Tamara de Lempicka


Bridget Riley

Yaoi Kusama

Marina Abramovic

Marlene Dumas

Yayoi Kusama_All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins_(5)_Courtesy YAYOI KUSAMA Inc., Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo Singapore and Victoria Miro, London (photography Thierry Bal) © Yayoi Kusama

Pumpkins by Yaoi Kusama

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