Art – School. 8th grade, year test in creative writing and the question was: What is art? I wrote 15 pages. I got the best marks and a special recognition from the teacher. I didn’t know then. I didn’t know that art would be such an invaluable part of my life later on. Since very early on I have been drawn to mystery and the unseen, decoding meaning of happenings and symbols, looking for messages and signs. Being inspired by the quests. In great art, it is all there. Great art gives you the opportunity to search for the hidden meaning and the beauty, offering you an inspiration to do the same in the framework of your life no matter how difficult or dull or uninteresting it seems sometimes.

Design – I had an early start with design as well. I must have been 8 or 9 years old when I was passionately changing the look of my room almost every day, moving the furniture around and decorating the walls with my own paintings of princesses. Bringing pieces of wood, flowers and stones home and creating small installations…later on sawing pillows and blankets…and I am still doing it, the only difference is that today I can play with a broader range of design objects!

Art & Design – Feeling blessed today (and every time I am aware) by the privilege of working with artists and designers, emerging and accomplished, seeing the world with their eyes and helping them to have their work appreciated by others.

Integrating art and design in interiors and homes, playing with variations of expressions by placing single objects next to each other and then placing them somewhere else, recognising the importance of tones of colours and shapes…and my guidance system is the gut feeling…how does this combination make me feel? Elevated, excited or indifferent?

GO RECOMMENDS: always go with your gut feeling, your precious  intuition!


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