Once again, Galerie OSCAR sources art to our hospitality partner Auberge de Tourrettes sur loup. The picturesque village of Tourrettes sur Loup and it’s Auberge is a perfect base for art exhibitions in any form. 7 minutes drive away from the arty yet commercial St Paul, Tourrettes sur Loup has remained authentic and yet full of great restaurants and shops.


The exhibited artist, Mike Colquhoun, British/American living in France, is a multi-talented creative soul, who apart from painting, writes books and directs movies. Galerie OSCAR met Mike already in 2011 and followed his creative journey with enthusiasm for what was unfolding.


The grand opening and vernissage was March 1st, the village covered in snow, which was a highly unexpected scenario…a perfect setup for Mike’s “Lines”.

You can see the works and enjoy a delicious dinner, cooked by a star chef.  Laid-back atmosphere with a stunning view and Mike’s art is there for you in the next couple of months. See you there!


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