Antibes is all about boating these days with “Les Voiles d’Antibes” in Port Vauban and it brings a sense of freedom and adventure to me.

I’ve always had a thing for boats, wishing to be taken out to the sea, for months, to the middle of nowhere, being in complete sync with the ocean. Immersed in the peace and tranquility, cultivating the soul searching. 

Having a skillful captain on board of course. And loads of books. And a sketchbook and a diary. Diving equipment as well. Surrounded by the blue; the mysterious dark blue below and the optimistic light blue above.

I might wait a bit for my ocean crossing adventure though…so I enjoy the boating and sailing feel in other living spaces. 

A complete nautical or beach inspired interior can be done, with the suitable floors, windows, and furniture yet often, when bringing in just some elements of the sea world, the result can be astonishing.

This weekend I was researching the navy theme, going thru the photos I have taken on my sailing trips and scanning Instagram for ideas. Focusing on how to create a nautical/beachy theme on a budget.

It is easiest done with marine-specific fabrics and colors. Decorating with nature itself: white beach pebbles, sea shells, dried drifted wood and Boat ropes. Sea-blue colors, turquoise, and sandy colors. Mirrors. And of course ART. 

Antique anchors or diver helmets can bring a sense of wanderlust to your home. Searching flea markets or internet for marine artifacts can be a fun mission!

For example in Valbonne, there is an antique market first Sunday of each month with many nautical antiquities. After your treasure hunt, you want to have a lunch on the square at  Cafe des Arcades and watch the turmoil, the atmosphere is great!

I was searching for a round rug for one interior with a nautical theme and found several good options both on the market and also a DIY (do it yourself) option.

It looks easy and the result is stunning. I am determined to fabricate one for my home too! And one of my many missions this summer it to collect drifted wood, whitewashed stones, and shells.

Just because…it is meditative and it does bring me in a similar state of mind as if I were in the middle of the ocean. Feeling peaceful and free!

Galerie OSCAR recommends:

One of my favorite interior design stores in St Tropez, with a neverending supply of cool and trendy navy and beachy decor  Marinette Decoration.


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