Men and women. We all have an inner Goddess in us. She loves beauty, harmony and caring. She is confident about what she accepts in her life and what she says no to. She knows she deserves the best. She appreciates surroundings that both please her eye and make her feel safe as if wrapped in a soft cashmere blanket.

I am getting all these signs about loving myself. Articles about loving thyself appear on my screen, at the hairdresser I open a magazine, randomly on a page about self-love, a book about self-care literarily jumps out of a bookshelf at me, and a friend starts talking about how she works on loving what arises.

I get it. I know it and I am implementing it. Since a long time. Step by step. I also know that loving myself includes creating a home that reflects the love back to me. A home where I feel free to do what I like doing; a home that is easy to keep clean and tidy; a home that is comfortable and harmonious.

Interiors to me are not only about the external beauty. They are most of all about the way they make me feel. When we step into a new place for the first time we usually know instantly what their inhabitants are like.

Yes, a home should reflect the best version of ourselves, the inner Goddess. To achieve that, we don’t necessarily need to make big renovations or expensive investments, sometimes smaller changes are sufficient:

Adding well fitting lamps, cushions, rugs, and blankets
Selecting coffee table books and flower pots
Acquiring paintings and sculptures
Moving furniture around
Sorting our and removing not fitting objects

…and much more! I have picked for you some visual ideas of interior accessories that can make any home cozy and welcoming.






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