Clean slate. As the French say: ”Ardoise blanche”,  an empty piece of paper, a newborn child, new word document, the potential of a photo that hasn’t been taken yet, a tranquil lake that waits for something to fall in it to create ripples, piece of clay to be moulded into a shape, a brand new relationship, waking up each morning and yes, also the beginning of a vacation. I love the excitement of tapping into the field of all possibilities.

There are countless opportunities to start from scratch, begin anew and create a personal message to the world.

Working with artists and observing their creative process from the beginning to the end is highly inspirational. The process of creating an artwork is not just about the genius insights and/or a great technique,  it is also about perseverance and stubbornness, often also a routine and fastidious work.

Just like any other work that has the ambition to succeed. My work is no exception, even though I have tried to avoid routine and jump some boring steps over, with the result of ending in the beginning. Not so fun. Doing it all over again and again. Yes, step by step approach showed to be the most effective one in the long run. And when the foundation and the framework are set, allowing the crazy creative part in is a feast for the soul!

Why talking about a step by step process?

This weekend I was styling a beautiful penthouse in the beachy Juin les Pains (located between Cannes and Antibes). The owners of this amazing place renovated it from scratch with care, love, and eye for each tiny detail…yes, step by step as they wanted a perfection. Perfection is what they got even though the steps were steep.

Working with this sunny, light and white home is an easy task as the main decoration here was already in place – the sea view appearing from the all around wall to wall terrace windows. Simple, clean, light, yet modern sophistication are the keywords. Inspired by the London-based Kelly Hoppen design.

We brought in an Art that is subtle and enhances the energy flow from the large terrace that runs all around the two house corners. “Heart beat” was placed over the long white sofa to mingle in and to remind its existence in a nonintrusive way. The blue “Cells” give a feel of having the sea spirit directly in the room.

The apartment is a secondary residence for the family as they are based in England and come down here for the sun. And the sun is what you get here! The huge terrace is equipped for outdoor living.  Watching the boat scene which is always changing, white spots on the blue. With a telescope peeking in the lives of the “sailors”.

Sipping rose wine and admiring the colors on the horizon, where the sea goes from light blue, through turquoise to dark blue and thinking about the endless possibilities once again. Wiping some slates clean to start anew.

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