I get “still” surprised when browsing the streets of Cannes which is a surprise by itself as Cannes is very traditional in its image of a luxury yet laid back dwelling for the fortunate ones.

Cannes is a relatively small town with some cute streets and corners, making an effort to convey the image of luxury and abundance with their high-end-brands shops, the 5 star hotels with the fast cars parked in front of them and the smartly dressed people walking up and down the Croisette (where the movie starts appear during Cannes film festival).

I got surprised the other day when taking one of the back streets and passing by a trendy, unusual and non-luxury little gallery, exhibiting art that spoke to me…the content, the message and the form of it! A plain canvas without support, a cool photo of a woman’s back projected on it in Galerie Dansleciel.

What to do in Cannes if you are not a luxury products shopper?

Cannes has an amazing view and having a lunch or a drink on the beach is always a relaxing and good energy building experience. I like as well to have my meetings in Rue Hoche, a trendy parallel street to the main shopping street Rue d’Antibes. Rue Hoche has these tea house and juicing shop, excellent italian restaurant and couple of wine bars and you can sit outside throughout the year.

GO RECOMMENDS: Cannes has also couple of really good interior design shops, among others Interieur Sud  which I will write more about in one of the upcoming posts.

Do you have any tips regarding art & design or anything else interesting and different in Cannes, please share!

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