Moving a home is exciting yet challenging. Along with all the practicalities, we face when moving, a new home comes with new surroundings, new neighbors, new sounds, and new habits. The new comes with the unknown’s and the unknown’s can be sometimes a tiny bit unsettling.

The wise tell us to embrace the changes, to go with the flow and profit from them. Fighting or resisting changes is not only useless but also completely contra productive (I think we have all been there, trying to push the destiny too hard!). I’ve asked around the frequent “movers” about their tips on getting accustomed faster with the uncertainties when changing a home:

  • Say hello to your new neighbors as soon as possible
  • Have a walk in your neighborhood
  • Light your favorite scented candles and incents every day
  • Continue in your routines as much as you can even with the moving boxes around you

Decorating your new home
And here comes the fun and creative part – decorating! Decorating and re-thinking the way we live in our homes. Using the “old” furniture and accessories in a new way. Searching flea markets and favorite shops for new objects to give a new soul to the new home.

Colours, shapes, and themes. Creativity at the highest speed.

How to approach decoration of a new home? I usually start with feeling the space, often sitting down on the floor in the middle of a room or in a corner and letting my imagination working for me. Ideas come and I see several options and make notes and brainstorm with the homeowners. Having a chat about their habits, colors, style preferences etc.

Architecture, the shape of the walls and house/apartment are one of the keys determining the style of a new home. Personal things travel souvenirs, books and of course artworks are the soul giving ingredients.

I am creating a new home myself these days. A home that is practical, comfortable, soothing and a balm for my eye. A home that is a safe harbor welcoming me and my guests back from the adventures (or just from grocery shopping).

Getting inspired…everywhere and anytime, browsing my favorite interior boutiques, online shops, flea markets, and the woods!


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