Since we spend a considerably large percentage of our life at home, it can be essential for our wellbeing to invest time, resources and love into our home-space.

Just as we beautify and nurture our body, mind and soul, creating a personal temple where we thrive 100% gives us access to the best version of ourselves.

Home-Satisfaction questionnaire

On a scale between 1-10, how true is the following for you:

1.    I fell relaxed and in harmony with my home

2.    I feel inspired and content when I look around at my home

3.    I have no desire to add or change anything in my home

4.    I have a home I always dreamt about

5.    My home reflects perfectly who I/we are when best

6.    I am proud of my home when I have visitors

If your result is 60, congratulation, your home lives up to the task of being the home of your dreams!

If your result is between 48-60, you could consider slight changes or additions to your home, but not at all urgent.

If your result is less then 48, then there is maybe a time to do something about what would bring you more harmony, contentment, inspiration and functional beauty!


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