I love Meeting people who have the courage to change their life. It is always inspiring to hear their stories and to learn what made them drop the known and dive into the unknown. Philipp Rudolf Humm, a previous CEO of Vodafone and T-Mobile USA, a hardcore businessman wanted originally to study art, but life (or rather the rejection of the Academy of Arts inBerlin) brought him into marketing and then to management roles.

Philipp started living his dream decades later when living in London and separating with the mother of his three children. Working hard both in business and on the canvas he decided to leave the safe and explore the unexplored. Just like Gauguin. He is now a full-time artist who brings his diligence and structure acquired in the corporate world into the creative universe. He lives now with his partner, who is a beautiful art photographer.  He knows how to live a life that gives him satisfaction in all areas.

Having lunch in Knightsbridge and talking about life, metaphysics, and of course, the arts, I discovered that Philipp also studied philosophy. That is perhaps why his work is full of symbolicism and hidden meaning. 

Merging classical painting techniques with pop elements, creating a new kind of expressionism. He sees himself as a witty chronicler of our society. Perhaps because he himself has been hiding his true calling as an artist behind the face of a hard businessman for years? He knows about connecting past and present, proving that time is indeed relative.

Philipp already exhibited among others in Saatchi Gallery, (convenient as he lives just 5 minutes drive from there) and featured in The Times and The Wall Street Journal.

And now we intend to bring Philipp to Monaco and the French Riviera!


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