Sun is shining, at least here on the coast,  and it is urging us to clean the windows. Spring cleaning of the house and the garden can be quite a satisfying activity (while listening to a favourite playlist)!

What else can we do to prepare our dwellings for a cosy and energising spring? Here come two quickies that cost nothing only your time and dedication.



One of the most common recommendations for creating a space that is welcoming and feels good to spend time in is to objectively look at your furnishings and home accessories, which should give an interior a personal touch. When done well – grouping them in interesting patterns and displaying them where they can shine – they tell the story you want to be told. When cluttered or mismatched, they are a noise and distracting.


Sometimes all a home needs is a few minor changes, a reshuffling or a decluttering. A home has to be functional and its objects should play a practical role.

It’s not always a question of acquiring more things to restore the room’s balance. In fact, objects that no longer serve a purpose should be thanked for good service and retired. “Less is more” is still valid in interior design.

There are plenty of online portals where you can donate or sell items you no longer want. Try facebook’s “Try it, Sell it, Rent it” groups or look for the nearest“Vide grenier”.


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