When you want to have a home that gives an impeccable impression because you want to sell or rent your house for the best value, assessing what is needed to bring you the desired result with the least resources is essential.

If you are unsure what but you know that something needs to be done, the following questions might help you in getting some sense of where to start:

 1. How much you would spend on decorating your house/apartment for a sale or renting

2. What areas of your home that need redecorating or refreshing?

3. Which of these areas are most important to redo or refresh?

4. When do I want to have it done by? Deadline?

5. Who is my demographic target for sale or rent? What are they normally looking for?

6. How can I make the needed changes fast and for a sensible budget?

Often we hear that investing in something that is going to be sold anyway is a waste of money, yet, consider this:

By decorating your home to be more attractive to the buyer you will make the sales happen faster and often also for a higher price.

So your initial investment will not only come back but also multiplied.

Featured photos of Villa Roche Cline in Cannes.


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