Sometimes all a home needs are only a few changes, moving things around or decluttering.

Home has to be functional and all objects should have their role to play (and play it well). Sometimes there is no need to acquire more things to create or restore the room’s harmony. Objects that don’t serve any purpose anymore should be thanked good-by for a good service and removed. “Less is more” is still a valid quality also in interior design.

Decluttering a home is also about simplifying one’s life, making it easier to manage and having bigger and better space to breathe.

It can feel overwhelming to entertain the idea of decluttering. The decluttering journey doesn’t have to be as painful and anxiety provoking as some make it out to be. Considering decluttering ones home more as an experiment serving to discover what lies behind all the unnecessary layers of things can be one of the positive approaches to decluttering.

If you have difficulties with decluttering your home, you can try some of the following techniques:

Give away 1 thing per day (or per week) – chose a thing you haven’t used/looked at for a year and find the right person/organisation to give it away to.

Entertain a different perspective – invite an honest friend and ask for their opinion of what could be cleaned out.

Make a list of places/thinks to declutter and tick it off when it is done – if you are the organised type, this approach might be best for you.

Fill one trash bag (or a box) per week with the things you would anyway throw out if you had the time.

Try asking yourself questions like, “If I was just buying this now, how much would I pay?” or “Would I buy this again?” or “Will I use this within 6 months time?”.

If you have great difficulties with parting with your things and want to wait a bit to give them away, organise them in baskets or other nice storage elements. Only as a temporary solution!

Most of all, have some fun with the decluttering process and visualise the spacious, clean and harmonious home you are creating!




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