So much attention has been thrown lately on this little strange word and its concept. Hygge IS a great state of being bringing positive cosy vibes to the once who allow hygge penetrate their lives.

Hygge is described as a Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness. It is also described as a quality of cosiness and comfortable feeling of contentment or well-being.

Hygge helps Danes to get through the long, dark winter and certainly, it helped me to get through 25 or so Danish cold and grey, uninviting unfriendly winters.

Yet hygge is not only a winter thing…you can “hygge” any time of a year and day. Cuddling up on the sofa with your children, boyfriend/husband or a dog is hygge (as long as you are cosy and comfortable). Making yourself and your friend a cup of tea/coffee and linger with it is hygge (as long as you have this warm feeling in your heart). You can hygge while tidying up, listening to your favourite music and feeling safe and in the now.

Yes, I would say that Hygge is a state of being in the now. Fully. Being present. The now is naturally bringing safety as everything is ok right now. You can invite your friend to do hygge: “Skal vi hygge?” (Shall we hygge”?). And you know you are going to have this cosy, positive, warm something together.

And of course, the interior of our homes reflects and helps to create hygge by cosy blankets, candles, fireplaces, soft sofas, rugs that tempt you to sit down on the floor.  A home that is open to friend’s visits, cooking together and chatting away.

Hygge(lig) home is a place that welcomes guests with tea or coffee served in big mugs which you have to hold with both hands, a home that is caring and warm to both its inhabitants and to their friends. When cooking for your guests, invite them to share the joy of helping in the kitchen! As kitchen is the absolute hygge place!

Since I am a pillow and other nomadic (easy to move) home accessories, I have chosen few easily added cosy elements that help create hygge in your home!

GO recommends:

Hygge pillow on my wishlist 

Hygge rug on my wishlist

Lantern on my wishlist





About Emilie Janda

Hello! My name is Emilie Janda. I am art & design consultant working with people all over the world who are in search of adding meaningful personal touch, inspiration and beauty to their homes and lives.

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