A sort of a forest boutique. I get all excited when I see/discover/meet something unusual. Something that is aesthetically beautiful and makes a difference. In all aspects of life and especially in art and design.

This discovery happened by chance. I was walking to a meeting in the centre of Nice and passed a sort of a forest behind a window. I took a few steps back and looked inside through the window and well knowing that what I was going to do next will make me late for my meeting, I opened the door and entered this one of a kind place called “Foret de Jade”.

Every single item in this boutique is selected with care for original design and love for the natural touch.

Wood, “naked” wood transformed to lamps. Furniture that has a history belonging families in South America, dried liana spiral that is so rare to find.

I took some photos to share with you and if you know of a similar “forest place” please share!

I came late to my meeting (and I don’t like being late) but I found a sacred space where I will come again looking for one of a kind treasure for my projects.


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