Here on Cote d’Azur, we have been living outside for about a two months time already. Well, actually to some extent we do live outside also through the winter pretending that we are not that cold and that the fresh air is so good for you.

Terraces and balconies are the places where we spend most of the time when being home. When the weather allows it. Home has extended to its outdoor space. I prefer the terrace to be laid back, a rustic or a nomadic or beach style.

Outdoor space is no space for over-styling, I want to feel comfortable and relaxed yet laying my eye on something that pleases it…select pillows, blankets, candleholders, lanterns etc.

There are so many beautiful terraces around, from large and luxurious with the pools to the smaller cozy ones. Private homes, hotels, restaurants, they all have one! Always on a quest for inspiration.

The outdoor living is here for good, at least until November so the settings must get ready!

Galerie OSCAR recommends: 

This outdoor sofa from SHF is on my wish list!

And so is the bohemian woven cotton chair hammock.

This pillow is a hit in Denmark and on my list as well. I like combining a different pillow design in one setting.

I made a selection of lanterns that can be used both indoor and outdoor.


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