My DNA is surely programmed to be drawn to mystery. When I encounter something with the slightest hint of the “unknown” or “unexpected” or mystical” even “unanswered”, anything promising adventure and research in the forgotten files, I am in. I get the “good” chills and my energy rises with the speed of light.


Last weekend I was browsing in the vast space of Maison & Objet interior design fair in Paris and got the “good” chills at the stand of Ateliers Davoy. Entering a magical Universe filled with items from imaginary wracked ships, skulls, ancient sculptures and masks.


Used in interiors these artefacts give a sense of linkage to our history, to the adventure and work very well in several different styles of interior.


Applauding, both the objects and the presentation were formidable! Of course, I made a note and the brand is on my supplier list.


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