Art sourcing is what we do in galerie OSCAR. What does it mean? We bring art to real living and working spaces. We source art. With the purpose of beautifying interiors. Making them more interesting, surprising, harmonious, personalized, motivating. With art, we add the special something. The special something that supplies the art collector with the emotion she/he wants to feel on a continual basis.

The art we source is filtered by our sharp eye for what is unique and different. Keeping in mind that there are individual needs to be fulfilled.

Most of the contemporary art lovers acquire art because they fall in love with an art piece. Some buy art of specific artists they follow and support, believing in their future success. That is buying art for an investment.

We do both. We engage with art that we fall in love with. We select and work with professional artists, talented and open minded individuals. Artists who are versatile, international and hardworking.

Yes, investing in contemporary art is more often than not a gamble as the only insurance of the artist’s future success can be solely known by one’s intuition. And/or trusting your art consultants intuition.

It is fairly simple though. If you love a piece of art, if you get the elevated sensation and want to own the admired art piece, then go for it!

Should you on top of that want to know the prospectives for the artist’s growth and his artwork value growth, contact an art consultant to get a professional opinion about your choice.


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