I am a big fan of pillows. Pillows bring soft, cozy and comforting energy into a home. Along with lamps, lanterns, blankets, plaids, and flowers, pillows are easy to exchange and budget friendly if we feel like making a difference in the way our home look and feel.

There are some qualities to pillows that are to be considered when we intend to acquire them and introduce them to our home:

The Color of pillows can be neutral and natural, blending with the dominant colors of the room. Colors that are slightly or significantly different than the dominant room colors can add warmth, chic, wit and drama.

The Material of pillows enhances the seasonal feel of your home. Leather, velvet, fur, and cashmere are ideal for winter months, while linen, cotton, and sheer have a lighter feel that is appreciated in summer.

The Shape of pillows adds either smaller or bigger effect and comfort. I prefer bigger pillows yet having a few small once accompanying their big brothers can provide more dynamics to the scene. Square, rectangular or round pillows can be played with.

Arrangement and layering of the pillows on the bed, sofa, and armchair determines a specific look and large pillows can be also successfully used on the floor when a bohemian or nomadic style is wanted.

Pillow filling is also of importance,  personally, I can’t go with the artificial one. I love the natural down or feather filling as it forms softly around your body when you lean towards it and gives the extra comfort and coziness effect.

Tere is pillows for each home style and personality and it is absolutely fascinating how much a pillow can add to or change a room. So if you are planning to change or add to the mood of your home, start with your pillows and have fun with it!








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