Photography can be a difficult field for the artist in the art world. There are many more celebrated painters and sculptures than photographers. An art photographer who wants to cut through to the mass consciousness, must not only master a great craftsmanship, ideas and perseverance but also, in my opinion, he/she must let the viewer dream and create their own story about the pictures.

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I met recently one of the most successful photographers who has now been on the top of the Czech photography art scene for many years. Living and creating both in Prague and Southern France, Pavel Brunclik uses all the possible ingredients in his work to make the viewer mystified in front of his pictures. Nudes are Pavel’s favourite subjects and his women are telling their story only when you let your mind wander. For me, his photos are about returning to the self, looking within.

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Pavel Brunclik, friendly, witty and generous man spends lots of his time in Southern France together with his lovely and creative wife who is also a talented photographer. I had the chance to learn a more about their life, work, challenges and successes over several cups of tea & wine while our respective dogs were chasing each other in the garden.


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Pavel is preparing now for his big exhibition in the prominent art gallery Manes, 2-31. March 2018 in Prague Czech Republic. There is expected an attendance of thousands of people as there was for Pavel Brunclik’s last exhibition in Prague.

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