Salon Prive de L’Homme in Cannes – 2016 edition – what a fabulous journey

Galerie Oscar and Perception Design thanks all the exhibitors, performers, collaborators and guests for making this event to a unforgettable experience. Special thanks to DJ from Mi Soul Radio London, Sha QD, to the one and only saxophonist Owi, and cool hip hop dancers from Nice. Jennifer Des and her Eye – D project, our amazing Chris bartender, Nylls co-DJ, photographers and drone masters.

Exhibitors: Leaos, Davis Montres Cannes, Idols Magazines Cannes, Schim Jolie, Sunset case, Euro Cave, Aerolens, The Orange Line, Oui Cannes, Titomirov vodka, Miami Drink, Dalby Diamonds, Loona Gourmet, Colgan’s brewery, South Side Barber, Wajer & Wajer Yachts and Pocket Privileges.

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