Entering a space, a room, or a home is not just a visual experience.  The scent of the interior determines to a great extent how we are going to feel there.

Clean odour is a must

Without a question, before adding any additional scent to space, the basics have to be in place. Clean and fresh smell is not negotiable if we want to feel good in our homes or making a good impression on our guests.

I found some great remedies on how to deodorise your home and dispel stink in a healthy way mostly based on vinegar and baking soda on a Goodhousekeeping.com.


Adding a scent of a choice

Scented candles and reed diffusers/dispensers are such an easy and effective tools to bring some deliciousness into a living space. There are many products on the market and you do have to know what you are investing in. Assuming you are watching out for your health and wellbeing, you want to acquire products that promote wellbeing at all levels.

Scented candles should be made of beeswax and not paraffin wax, here you can read why.


Reed diffusers/dispensers are doing their scenting job without any effort, you only have to turn the reeds over once a week or when the scent in the air starts to dissipate. Here the same caution about the products on the market applies, to invest only in products made from natural essential oils. I looked into DIY (do it yourself) reed diffusers and I am going to give it a try!


I do have a preferred brand of both scented candles, reed diffusers and purifying lamps. They use only the highest quality and purest ingredients, raw materials of natural and organic origins. DOFTA it is called and made in Sweden. Pure delight!


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