Soft and natural, a multitude of colours. fabrics, the absolute toppings of an interior. In the form of curtains, pillows, bed covers, blankets. The fabrics can give the extra spice to a home or they can blend in and bring the softness almost unnoticeable. As we chose.


Winter fabrics, wool and heavy cotton are to warm up and to reassure. Summer fabrics, soft cotton, linen and silk cool down and lighten up space. Ideally, therefore, we have two sets of fabrics accessories, at least of the pillow and sofa blankets throw.


Building up a fabric story with a pleasing balance of tones and textures is a great way to add layers of comfort and character of space.

According to what I saw Maison et Objet design fair in Paris, the 2018 trend is back to naturals. Both in colours and fabrics.


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