The best plan is having no plan. At least when looking for inspiration. There are certain things I do when I travel. I open my mind and my schedule. I wander around without a plan. Expecting surprises in form of architecture and design, art, tastes, and people. Starting conversations with strangers and being confirmed that we are all connected at some level and that humor is the best universal glue.

Coming to London for business and pleasure. Visiting an amazing mansion, meeting a talented upcoming artist, and checking out my favorite interior design shops. That’s business. Organized and structured passion.

And then the time is for a free ride and no plans, time to live the moment. Walking the streets till the feet hurt, noticing details, uniqueness, and energy of the places. Portobello market, Tate Modern, Kew Gardens and Saatchi gallery are the only planned targets. Rewarded by unexpected treasures such as cool street art and new design shops discoveries. My list of amazing interior design, furniture, lighting, fabrics and other decoration objects is booming!


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