I just love coming here. Copenhagen is one of my hometowns. Even the rain and wind can’t change my excitement for the new and trendy places and potentiality for design discoveries. I haven’t been disappointed yet. Always a feast for my artistic eye.

I was very busy with meeting this time but equipped with comfy shoes, I walked from meeting to meeting and searched for visual treasures. Many did I find. If you are following us on Instagram @galerieoscarjournal, you could see the small discoveries. 

Meeting the crew behind the fabulous  Edition Copenhagen, one of a kind lithography workshop on Christianshavn. Talking about possibilities.

Admiring: Art galleries, flower shops, Tage Andersen’s (renowned Danish designer) mystical universe, harbor beauties and of course the furniture and tasty home accessories.

Illums Bolighus never disappoints and this time I bought an enchanting scented candle from “The Escapes Collection” for my new home which fitted in my hand luggage and adored their black & white entrance display, well recovered from the recent fire! Impressive.









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