Yes, I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

By choice. I was searching for it, moving around and testing where I would love to live and to settle for life. Born in Prague (enchanting), most of my life in Copenhagen (trendy and cozy/as Danes say – hyggelig), couple of years in Rome (la dolce vita unfolded). These pearls didn’t do it for me in the long run though. Like a passionate relationship, they turned me on and I explored whatever there was to explore and the passion faded away. Not totally, I still love all my cities and keep going for a visit, yet, I could not commit to a longer relationship  with them. There was this longing for something else. I was never really sure what “the else” was, until I found it.

I found it in Southern France, Cote d’Azur, French riviera. Here, in a relatively small geographical area, I found stunning nature with the mountains for hiking and skiing, the sea for bathing, swimming and sailing, people with laid back attitude in a good blend of French and expatriates, glamour, art, culture, good food …and BEAUTY.

Beauty was the “something else”, that was my longing. Beauty in huge doses. Surely, you can find beauty in everything and everywhere, yet here you get bombarded by it. You can’t escape it even if you tried. You can’t even really get too upset by being stuck in a traffic jam when on your right hand side the sea waves are dancing their bright turquoise/white dance and people are on their morning run, looking happy and healthy. On your left, in a neighbour ’s car a handsome French man is slightly flirting with you when you look in his direction. The sun is shinning and you are listening to the Riviera radio…

And then, I am on a continuous quest for unique and surprising and yet simple expressions of beauty. Art and design, in it’s many forms is the ultimate expressions of beauty. Inspiration, and subtle message bombs. Beauty bombs.

My passion. Looking for expressions of beauty and unique individuality. Bringing it to homes and other living spaces. Making it seen and noticed and talked about.

I am going to share some of the beauty with you here.

GO RECOMMENDS: Look for the beauty everywhere you go – what does beauty mean to you?


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