They are not that old, the Impressionists, the most known Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Degas and Manet. I am guilty of looking a bit down on the 19-century artists in general perhaps because when I was a child, I saw them everywhere. I used to think: “How many of the Monet’s Nympheas or Degas’s dancers do one want to see?”


So I had a long breakup with the impressionists, admiring the old masters instead.

Until…last year. I was “forced” to look closer at a wonderful work by Manet and learn the story of the painting. I re-learned about the impressionist’s movement. And I was impressed. Luckily enough, when I was in Paris in January, Musee D’Orsey was featuring Degas.


Shaping future and predicting trends is fun. However, as the wise say, you need to know where do you come from to know where you are going. Revising the past from yet another angle can be useful from time to time!

I am even considering linking the past with the now and perhaps writing a little blog series about “Where do we come from & Where are we going”. From a non-scholar point of view, someone who loves art and see unusual connections!

Below artwork by dadaist Christian Schad


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