Light is a life giving force. Little light sparks that emanate from candles give us warmth, love, and hope. I adore lanterns, candleholders, candles in any form and shape.  While living in Denmark, candles were an essential accessory in my home and homes of my friends, we don’t have much light over there during the long winter time. Even though I now live in a sunny part of the world, in one of the most beautiful places on earth, I am continuing collecting lanterns and lighting the candles when the sun is down. Any home becomes even cozier (hyggelig as we say in Denmark).

We agreed with a client of mine that adding several lanterns to their villa both indoor and outdoor would bring even more of the cozy and decorative effect to their home. That brought me on a lantern hunt for the last couple of weeks.

Candle holders will be selected in one of my next posts, yet I would like to mention that I also really like personalized candles, with own branding and we work with a company that creates such candles for special events occasions.

Here is my top 10 lanterns, non-staged un-photoshopped, the shots were taken at the moment of an excitement. 

IMG_20170422_135055 (1)

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