What to do in St Tropez on Saturdays? St Tropez is more then beautiful beaches and their trendy restaurants, lavish champagne lunches, yachts anchored out in the sea and conveying freedom and laid-back lifestyle.

St Tropez is also a vibrant little harbour town where you can have a little treasure hunt!

If you are up to wake up early on Saturday morning, the market is an unforgettable experience, where you can do your lucky purchases, eating a truffle sandwich, (that’s what a friend of mine does religiously every time she visits) and getting immersed in the buzz of the market noises.

Then, having a coffee while reading your morning newspaper and watching people before embarking the cozy streets with their trendy boutiques leading you towards the port.

On the port, you will have yet another cup of coffee or a “piscine” (glass of rose wine with lots of ice cubes)  or a “coup” (glass of champagne) in one of the many restaurants and bars lined up facing the middle size yachts mooring in the port…before you head towards one of the trendy beach restaurants for a late lunch!

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I am always looking for this “wow” effect which I get when I see something different, something with a character, something new or stunning. As my passion is art and design and interior, these are my focus points and this Saturday I had a “wow” in Marinette Decoration Concept Store.

IMG_20170422_133445 (1)
IMG_20170422_132924 (1)

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